about olga

That’s me, someone who loves painting.

At school, I got the worst marks in the drawing subject. Until one day when I was fifteen, a teacher told me I was starting to draw instead of only copying, just like the rest of my classmates.

And in my early twenties, an other teacher adviced me to keep on painting cause I would really enjoy it.

Being adult, I stopped doing it to become a “normal person” with a “normal job”, and returned to it when everything collapsed around me.

That’s me. Someone who’ll never  forget again how much loves painting.

To know more about, just look at my paintings…

Would you like to get any of my paintings? Do you have a nice place and want me to exhibit them there?

Drop me a line…I’ll love to hear from you :-)


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ofd[at]olgafernandez.com, +34 696930281, madrid, spain